High-Quality, Targeted Lead Generation for Small Businesses

Other Small Business Lead Generation Companies Don’t Compare

Delta Promotions Team provides custom lead generation programs for organizations in Oklahoma City and throughout the state of Oklahoma.

There is no easier and more cost-effective way to send targeted prospects ready to buy from your business than on a pay-per-lead or pay-per-customer basis. You can spend time focusing on your business and what you do best, and let us handle all of the grunt work. We will drive as much targeted traffic to your business as you can handle!

One of the best things about this structure is that it is completely hands-off. We create and manage a mini-site for you, manage all of the call tracking, as well as handling all of the paid search advertising. All you have to do is answer the phone and respond to a few emails, all from customers looking to purchase from you and your business! Contact us today, and we can get started immediately.

How Does Lead Generation Work?

The fee for lead generation is negotiated with the business owner, based upon the difficulty of obtaining leads or new customers for you. We will determine the rate of each click, call, or customer based upon our market research. There are two different types of local lead generation that we offer, pay-per-lead and pay-per-customer.


By utilizing search engines and other websites that are heavily-trafficked by your local prospective customers, we turn clicks and calls into customers! We are able to drive highly targeted traffic to your business by advertising for you all over the Internet and finding the people that are looking to buy your products, now!

We will setup a website which we can track and customize specifically for your business. When a customer clicks on one of our advertisements located throughout the internet, they will be greeted with a website containing all of you business information and the custom phone number we setup for you. The customer can then call you or visit you location to make a purchase. You will be charged a per-click lead commission once the visitor reaches your website, and a per-call lead commission for each phone call through the custom number.

If the customer who found your advertisement or website decides to call you, that is a very clear indication that they are interested in your business. Depending on the type of business you operate, you can close the sale right there on the phone or setup a time for them to come in to your location. All calls are recorded so we can provide specific call recordings should questions arise.


For many types of service-based businesses, paying for each customer we send, instead of each lead, makes more sense. The way we drive prospective customers varies from business to business, but with this service the bottom line is that we do not get paid unless you get a new customer. You tell us how many new customers you want per month, and we deliver them, it’s as simple as that! We track all of the calls and website traffic we send to ensure accuracy and that the leads we are sending are, in-fact, converting.

Prior to getting started on the campaign, you will have an approx. 30 minute kick-off call with a project manager, at which time you will come up with an offer, exclusive to this campaign, that we can use to attract customers. This offer will be the basis of our entire campaign and will be used to promote your business and obtain those new customers. We trust in you to accurately report the number of actual customers we drive, as we can only track and listen to the calls and see website traffic statistics, but we can’t know exactly how many customers you are getting each month. We only think it is fair that you accurately report the leads we generate, and in turn, we will continue to drive highly targeted leads and have a huge impact on your business! However, to protect ourselves, we reserve the right to cancel the campaign at any time.

Contact us for a free evaluation of your unique business to look at opportunities for increasing leads for your products and services!

Contact us with questions or for a free business assessment!

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